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Traveling with Special Needs: Explore with Comfort and Confidence

travel with a wheelchair

At Starlight2Travel, we believe that travel should be accessible to every member of the family, regardless of any physical limitations or special needs. It is our duty and honor as your preferred travel advisor to make sure everyone is equipped to have the best vacation possible. We take great pride in providing services for travelers who have extra traveler needs as well.

Whether our travelers require a wheelchair, oxygen tank, or have specific health considerations, S2T understands the importance of providing a seamless and inclusive travel experience.

In this blog, we will explore various ways we help travelers with special needs and offer practical tips for any travelers looking for guidance to travel with a loved one. We hope this blog inspires with disabilities to embark on incredible journeys around the world.

Planning Ahead

One of the key elements to ensure a smooth travel experience is thorough planning. You can count on Starlight2Travel to research your destination and choose accommodations that have appropriate amenities. We confirm with our preferred travel partners in advance to inform them of your requirements and to arrange any necessary additional accommodations.

accessible travel

Choosing the Right Destination

When selecting a travel destination, our agency offers only the destinations and cruises that are known for their accessibility and infrastructure that caters to accessibility needs. Can you believe how many destinations do not have AC or elevators? We must admit that cruise lines offer the most accessible accommodations and a variety of options for every diet, activity, and entertainment. Destinations around the world like Barcelona, Singapore, and Vancouver, among others, have made significant efforts to create an inclusive environment for travelers with disabilities.

Navigating Air Travel

Airports can be overwhelming for anyone, but for individuals with mobility or medical needs, proper preparation is essential. Arrive to the airport ahead of time to request wheelchair assistance, accessible seating, or any other accommodations that may be required. Arriving early can alleviate stress and allow for a smoother experience.

travel agent wheelchair specialist

Wheelchair Accessibility

For wheelchair users, accessibility is a vital consideration. Our agency specializes in getting a wheelchair, scooter or other transportation device delivered to you upon arrival to your vacation's destination. Many popular tourist destinations now have wheelchair-friendly options and attractions, making it easier to explore and enjoy the sights.

Oxygen Tank Considerations

If you rely on an oxygen tank, it's crucial to plan accordingly. We always recommend travelers double-check with their healthcare provider to ensure you have an adequate supply for the duration of your trip. We make travel arrangements accordingly and help consider the airline, cruise line and hotel brand just in case you need assistance while away from home.

travel with oxygen

Health Considerations

When traveling with health considerations, we recommend our travelers to pack an ample supply of medications, and carry a written list of your medical conditions, medications, and emergency contacts. It's ALWAYS advisable to invest in travel insurance that covers any medical emergencies or trip cancellations, regardless of if you have medical needs or not.

At Starlight2Travel, we believe that travel is a transformative experience for everyone, and we are committed to ensuring that individuals with medical, mobility or or special needs can explore the world with comfort and confidence. We want to help you let your dreams take flight!


Starlight2Travel, Inc. is a Cleveland-based online travel agency. We assist travelers from coast to coast. We specialize in cruises, romance, and family vacations! Our services provide incredible vacation experiences at a variety of destinations for couples, families, and groups. Please visit our website for travel information and inspiration. Our Star Traveler blog is an amazing place to find travel tips and resources! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more travel information!

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