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Planning your travel activities in advance is the key to realizing your dream vacation with minimal unexpected costs and availability hiccups. By allowing us to research and book your tours, accommodations, and attractions ahead of time, we can secure your spot at popular destinations, lock in favorable prices, and avoid last-minute disappointments.

Resort Activities

Resort excursions enhance your experience by letting you explore local areas and immerse in culture. Consider these top excursion ideas:


  • Cultural Walking Tour

  • Eco-friendly Wildlife Safari

  • Cooking Classes

  • Scenic Boat Cruise

  • Adventurous Zip-lining

  • Historical Site Visits

  • Cultural Performances

  • Hiking and Nature Walks

  • Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

  • Winery or Brewery Tours

Cruise Excursions

Cruise travel offers a unique way to explore multiple destinations. When your cruise ship docks at ports, consider these exciting excursion ideas:

  • City Sightseeing Tours

  • Adventure Activities

  • Cultural Immersion

  • Historical Tours

  • Scenic Cruises

  • Culinary Experiences

  • Wildlife Encounters

  • Beach and Water Fun

  • Shopping Excursions

  • Relaxation Retreats

International Activites

International tours offer diverse experiences in worldwide regions. Here are excursion ideas for your journey:

  • City Tours

  • Adventure Activities

  • Cultural Immersion

  • Historical Explorations

  • Scenic Journeys

  • Culinary Adventures

  • Wildlife Encounters

  • Beach Escapes

  • Shopping Excursions

  • Wellness Retreats

Starlight2Travel is proud to be affiliated with several activity and tour partners to help our clients explore the world.


Viator Activites

Viator offers worldwide travel activities, tours, and immersive experiences for travelers to enhance their travel packages. Make your trip extra special by booking an activity or tour! Be sure to check if transportation is included if needed (or if taxis may be available in the US, Europe and more). 

Project Expedition

Discover and book excursions, tours, and attractions in destinations around the world with Project Expedition. Choose from thousands of things to do with competitive prices and superior customer service. Please consider if transportation is included in the activities of your choice. 

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Shore Excursions

Shore Excursions offer an immersive in-destination experience while in the cruise port during a cruise vacation. Our partners offer even more variety of activities, tours and experiences. By booking in advance, you are guaranteed to be able to "do the thing you want to do" at a better rate, with a promise to have a worry-free excursion. 

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