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There’s a long list of must-sees when it comes to Asian countries, and there’s no better time to start than the present! Adventure awaits, walking along the Great Wall of China. Get a feel for local life and attend one of the many festivals in Japan. Along the way, enjoy some of the best seafood you’ll ever try and sample street food that’s delicious enough to be in a five-star restaurant. Asian countries are some of the safest destinations in the world, making it an excellent opportunity for backpackers and solo adventurers. Countries in the South Pacific have their own brand of luxury to try as well, like the fairytale landscape of New Zealand to the stunning island of Fiji. When you’re ready to vacation away from the same-old, any location in Asia or the South Pacific is going to blow you away with its charm, polite and helpful locale, and unique culture. 

South Pacific to Asia Destinatons



Bora Bora



New Zealand




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