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Shore to shore, coast to coast, there's a whole world of possibilities to discover and explore. There's a perfect vacation for every kind of traveler. Are you adventurous and ready for wine-tasting, museum hopping, and every bit of culture you can soak up? A European vacation might be right up your alley. Or perhaps you're looking forward to time to sit back, relax, and enjoy five-star accommodations while coasting along the open ocean, on the way to tropical sands. Allow our destination to inspire your dream and get ready to vacation your way.

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A dynamic country full of rich history, authentic cuisine, and adventure awaits you south of the border. Mexico is the ultimate getaway for those looking for a vacation that keeps you busy--and guessing what you’ll stumble upon next! 


Island-hopping is the most popular cruise option for a reason. With each island different in its own unique way, all sharing gorgeous views and everything you could want in a luxury vacation, the Caribbean islands aren’t just one tropical paradise; they’re several!

La Zenia

United States

No need to locate the passport when there’s so much to cross off the bucket list in the states! Much like island destinations, each state in the U.S. has its own unique flavor and charm, appealing to a wide variety of vacationers.


A land where the next country is just a drive away and the sites have lasted for century after century; Europe offers a twist on the exotic vacation. Hang up the flip-flops and grab your walking shoes for an immersion into endless culture and world-famous landmarks. Even prepare to set sail along a European river with a cruise!

Marsaxlokk Malta
Image by Sara Dubler

South Pacific & Asia

If your travel dream is to fully immerse yourself in a culture entirely new, look no further. The perfect blend of luxury travel, culture, and those with a little more of an adventurous streak in their heart, get ready to explore Asia and the South Pacific.

Image by Pedro Menezes

Dream List Destinations

Your unique vision is unique to you for a reason. If you have a dream destination in mind, but don’t see it anywhere, don’t let that stop you! Your dream destination is just as ready to go as any other; the world is your oyster when it comes to finding your personalized adventure!

Image by Mike Swigunski

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The possibilities are endless! Visit our destination page to browse our favorite worldwide destinations. But don't stop at just our favorites... Starlight2Travel services can take you to your dream destination!

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