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- Vincent Van Gogh

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Welcome to Starlight2Travel, where we will move the stars to give you the magical adventure of a lifetime. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your dreams! We specialize in custom itineraries to ensure you get the absolute best in exceptional travel. Your dreams might be hiking glaciers in the colorful glow of the northern lights, stargazing in a Hawaiian forest, or even discovering the birthplace of constellation namesakes in Greece and Rome. Travel as a couple, as a family, or in a large group. Any way you can dream it, your adventure will have the chance to shine bright because when you’re here, you’re our guest. Follow the stars to your own path, and let us lend you a hand getting there.

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Travel agency

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Ohio travel agency


Ohio travel agency


Ohio travel agency

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Vacation Your Way 

No two people are alike, so why should our vacations be? Don’t simply click a premade vacation plan and go to checkout; travel your way with custom-created itineraries, curated with just you in mind, so you know you’ll know this experience will be just what you’re dreaming of. 

Reliable Resource 

It’s a big world out there; when it comes to travel arrangements, you could be juggling 10+ companies in an unfamiliar country. Leave the reservations to me! As your travel agent, I will take care of it all for you by becoming your single contact for worldwide arrangements. 

Valuable Investment 

It’s our mission to steer travelers clear of travel scams and timeshares, one person at a time. Instead, put your trust in the hands of real life travel agents whose biggest priority is making sure our clients get the adventure of a lifetime, no strings attached. 

Travel Confidently  

We all have our travel horror stories, because, let’s face it - no matter how much we plan, life is unpredictable. Feel confident and prepared going into your destination knowing that someone has your back just in case things don’t go as smoothly as planned.  

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