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Loyal to Royal Forever

It's no secret that when it comes to cruising, we LOVE Royal Caribbean Cruise Line International. Starlight2Travel has sailed with Royal Caribbean and has been a certified Royal Caribbean cruise counselor for over three years.

Throughout our business relationship with this cruise line, Royal Caribbean has very well earned the loyalty we give them! Their cruise product is excellent! What they provide exceeds the expectations of S2T and our Star Travelers!

To share our love of Royal Caribbean, we're dedicating this post to share why we're Loyal to Royal forever.

Before we share our favorite reasons, we just wanted to take a moment to mention that Starlight2Travel is hosting a virtual cruise event on October 18, 2022 at 7 pm EST. During this event, we'll be talking with our partners at Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and allowing them to share information and special deals exclusively for Starlight2Travel travelers! If you're thinking about cruising in 2023 or 2024, attend this event and get the BEST deal possible with Royal Caribbean. We'll share more information at the end of this blog, too!

Royal Caribbean is a company that we LOVE to work with and sail with. Here's our top ten reasons they are our #1 cruising partner...


Reason 1: Smooth vacation check-in

During our experience of check-in... it is so easy! Pre-checking in through the app makes check in incredibly fast. Be sure to have your passport and virtual cruise-pass from the app ready, and you'll be on your way to your cabin within five minutes. The easier it is to check-in, the better start to your vacation!

Reason 2: WOW-worthy ships

Royal Caribbean puts the WOW into your first ship sighting. You'll be WOW-ing the entire trip. From the moment you step onboard, you notice the dedication this company has to providing an excellent cruise. It starts with what you see and then the awe-inspiring moments continue through your experiences.

Reason 3: Cabins worth resting in

The first thing you will do is probably check out your cabin! These cabins feel so much bigger than a standard stateroom. The sleep you will get onboard is the rest you need on a vacation. It's quiet; you can't hear your neighbors. It's amazingly clean and the beds are incredibly cozy. It may be the comfortable design, but the Royal experience shines most in your room.

Reason 4: The Royal Staff

The onboard staff is who makes the Royal experience possible. From the cabin stewards to the waiters and assistant waiters, they're all amazing. We can only believe that Royal Caribbean takes immense care when providing for and training their staff, because it shows. The staff accommodates to guests' every need.

Reason 5: Dining Experiences

The dining accommodations with Royal Caribbean make you feel you're at an all-inclusive resort. The options, the flavors, the variety... there is something for everyone! You will see staple recipe items that are available every night for dinner. But there is also a rotating specialty menu full of decadent choices. If you're on a longer sailing, you'll see even more specialty items in the main dining room. And gosh, don't even get us started on the dessert!

Reason 6: Entertainment Experiences

Between ports and on sailing days, it might be hard to accomplish "everything" onboard because there is so much to do and see! The Royal Caribbean app keeps you updated with the daily schedules of activities and entertainment. You will see comedy shows with different segments, movies on the big screen by the pool, theatre shows, game shows, and that is just the beginning of the entertainment. Royal Caribbean provides such a great atmosphere for fun!

Reason 7: Ship sections for everyone

Speaking of atmospheres, we have to put the spotlight on how Royal creates amazing spaces! Adults can find some tranquility in the adults-only solarium pools, or they could find some excitement at the casino! Kids have their own designated spaces to safely "hang-out" as just the kids in the toddler, kids or teen rooms.

Reason 8: Taking care of passengers

Royal Caribbean's protocols to manage special needs and emergency circumstances of passengers are amazing. The way the team works like a well-built machine to manage whatever task is at-hand. They never cause panic and always work toward the best case scenario for the passenger(s). We are so impressed with how they have handled some circumstances!

Reason 9: Ongoing specials

Royal Caribbean is notorious for offering the best specials in the cruise industry! Not only do they provide deals, but they also work with exclusive agencies, like S2T, to make special deals that are combinable with current promotions. They have made some pretty great deals for us!!! (See below!)

Reason 10: Our BDM, Kathy Killen

Royal Caribbean offers an amazing cruise product. But, Starlight2Travel wouldn't be so well versed with Royal if it weren't for one amazing business development manager who makes cruising business dreams come true. Kathy has supported S2T since our agency first started by helping us learn more, experience more and book more. She has developed our agency for the better, and we can't thank her enough for it.

Pictured Above: Kim Curlin at the Royal Caribbean Seminar at Sea with Kathy Killen on the Navigator of the Seas September 2022


Royal Caribbean is our preferred cruise partner for a million reasons, but these are our top reasons! We've developed a personal relationship with Royal Caribbean that allows our guests to have a Royal experience.

If you've never had a Royal Caribbean cruise experience, or if you have and you want another one, Starlight2Travel HIGHLY RECOMMENDS that you attend our upcoming celebratory cruise night. We've worked hard to plan a special event with Royal Caribbean that has year-end specials you won't want to miss.We're calling it our "Loyal to Royal Event!"

Be sure to register for it to get S2T's exclusive Royal Caribbean special.

As a special sneak peek, you'll have access to Royal Caribbean's amazing sale, bonus onboard credit for booking after our event, and extra bonus onboard credit from Kim in celebration of her special birthday coming up. Like we said, it's the best deal of the year, and if you want to cruise soon, you won't want to miss it!

We hope to see you there!

-S2T Team


Starlight2Travel, Inc. is a Cleveland-based online travel agency. We assist travelers from coast to coast. We specialize in cruises, romance, and family vacations! Our services provide incredible vacation experiences for couples, families, and groups. Please visit our website for travel information and inspiration. Our Star Traveler blog is also an amazing place to find travel tips and resources! Follow us for more travel information!


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