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Finding the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Wedding season is nearing an end, as honeymoon season is just beginning! In this post-pandemic world, it seems everyone is still catching up on tying on the knot from the lack of events in the past few years. Every newlywed deserves a honeymoon!

Whether it comes right after the wedding or if its been a bit of time, this is a step that should never be skipped in the marriage process! No matter the nature of your wedding, big, small, at home or in an exotic destination, spending a few days as a couple to celebrate your love is a critical step in the process.

The only thing you need to know when it comes to planning your honeymoon is where you want to go.

From beaches to big cities, and everything in between, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the world of possibilities of where to go for your honeymoon. Well-meaning friends and family members might be quick to offer suggestions, but those are usually based on their own travel preferences.

When it comes to choosing a destination to celebrate on your honeymoon, the best options are the ones that fit your dreams. These celebrations can take place in various locations and climates. Let these unexpected destination ideas inspire you...


Avid Adventurers

If you love all things adrenaline and thrill, your celebration should be a direct reflection of that! Picture saying "I do," in a tree house then zooming down a zipline or jetting off to an African safari to see the beautiful wildlife after tying the knot. During the remainder of your trip, plan a few exciting activities for you and your new spouse – you can even include your guests if you plan to bring them!


Costa Rica, Hawaii, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand

Sea Lovers

Take your pick from millions of beautiful, breathtaking coasts covered in sparkling sands surrounded by crystal clear waters. Celebrating in tropical paradise can be laid-back or elegant, depending on your preferences as a couple. Another popular option for sea lovers is to celebrate aboard a cruise ship, while experiencing several locations along a chosen itinerary.


St. Lucia, the Bahamas, Aruba, Tahiti, Dominican Republic

Snow Birds

If you're the couple that prefers snow over sand, a little cold won't prevent you from expressing your love. Imagine being swept away for a horse-drawn carriage ride under the stars after the ceremony. Other couples who love the snow might choose to enjoy bundling up at venues like atop snow-covered mountains, an ice hotel or igloo, or a cozy ski lodge.


Sweden, Alaska, Iceland, Finland, Quebec

Cultural Jetsetters

For the travelers that love immersing themselves in history, art, and cuisine, leap into love in the most cultural of countries. In destinations like these, you can participate in local traditions during your out-of-the-ordinary experience. Not only will your celebration be centered around your love, but also your shared appreciation of the world around you and its traditions, too.


Spain, Italy, Greece, Thailand, Peru, Ireland

Do any of these ideas sound like the dream destination for you and your spouse-to-be? Starlight2Travel would love to make your honeymoon wishes would come true! Let's get in touch! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness...



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