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Disney Vacation from a Kid's Point of View

Disney Vacation from a Kid's Point of View

When it comes to new experiences and excitement, we love to see kids' faces light up when talking about their perspectives of the experience. We hope every kid gets as excited as Starlight2Travel's youngest travel reporter, Andrew, does, especially as he does this time on a Disney vacation!

Check out what Andrew has to say about his trip to Walt Disney World, for the very first time, over the holidays in 2022.

Andrew had the pleasure of staying at Disney Caribbean Beach Resort.

We asked Andrew what his favorite part of the trip was... "EVERYTHING!!!" Andrew has many recommendations that are featured in his video above for activities, food and things to do. Andrew adds "the most important thing to know when going to Disney World is to take time to enjoy everything around you!" We can tell from Andrew's video that that was exactly his approach to his Disney vacation.

So... We had to ask one last question! "Was the hotel nice?" In perfect reporter style he said, "The hotel was perfect because there was so much to do there like the games and the pools and the shops and we could easily get to the parks."

We appreciate your honest and thorough feedback on your first Disney vacation experience, Travel Reporter Andrew! We can't wait to see and hear about your next adventure soon.

What's next for Reporter Andrew? You will have to wait to find out!! :o)


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