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Cruising with Accessibility Needs

We've been on a roll talking about cruising this week, this month, this year... heck! We love talking about cruising. This month we posted an awesome blog highlighting why we love Royal Caribbean, we compared ocean versus river cruises and now we're highlighting some details about cruising that we think are incredibly important to know!

Starlight2Travel started with a mission to make dream travel possible for everyone. We have created travel experiences for couples, families, and friends alike. Everyone has different needs while traveling, and we strive to make it all possible. Our mission extends to those who require mobility aids, oxygen, and other equipment.

It's hard to travel when you feel restricted by your personal needs and requirements. Whether its a dietary restriction, medical restriction or a special need, we understand how important these details are to feel comfortable while away from home. It's also important for these accommodations to not feel like a hassle.

It's our goal at Starlight2Travel to make every detail of your vacation feel seamless. We hope you feel you "just need to show up" and each travel component is taken care of. Mobility and oxygen needs are no exception to this, especially in the case of cruising!

Starlight2Travel is a cruise travel specialist who loves to make romance and family trips a dream come true. What better way to connect than on a world-renowned cruise ship that accommodates to your every need!

During your cruise, making you and your loved ones as comfortable as possible is always our goal. At the time of your complimentary planning consultation, we will address your every travel need. Then, we work hard to plan accordingly! We make sure your rooms, activities, travel equipment, meals, and beverages are all in place prior to your sailing.

Through our top cruising partners, we are able to provide special needs equipment for your cruise and your destinations' ports such as...

  • Wheelchairs

  • Scooters

  • Powerchairs

  • Oxygen equipment

  • Respiratory equipment

  • Walking aides

  • Bed lifts

  • Baby cribs

  • Hearing equipment

  • Bath equipment

  • And other specialty items!

Through our travel partners, we're able to have their staff bring the equipment and meet the travelers at their destination. Then, they should be ready to vacation! Should you need anything along the way, we'll get you the support you need.

Starlight2Travel is proud to offer accessible travel options onboard most cruises from most destinations. Let's get in touch to talk about your travel goals and needs. We'll take it from there!


Starlight2Travel, Inc. is a Cleveland-based online travel agency. We assist travelers from coast to coast. We specialize in cruises, romance, and family vacations! Our services provide incredible vacation experiences for couples, families, and groups. Please visit our website for travel information and inspiration. Our Star Traveler blog is also an amazing place to find travel tips and resources! Follow us for more travel information!


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