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Celebrating Growing into a Team of Travel Advisors

It's hard to believe that four years ago today, I (Kim) became an independent travel advisor and connected Starlight2Travel into the travel industry. I realized I could build my own business while pursuing my passion for travel through my host agency, KHM Travel Group, four years ago today.

And, as we celebrate this accomplishment, we're debuting as a travel agency as a team of travel advisors!!! To say I'm feeling on top of the world is an understatement!

These years have been a transformative experience, thanks to KHM's support since October 30, 2019. The path I've traveled in the travel industry, guided by the exceptional support and education from KHM Travel Group, has been nothing short of amazing.

I recently attended my first Agency Director FAM Trip, expanding my industry knowledge. I can't help but to reminisce back to my very first educational event with KHM, where I started to learn the basics of being a travel agent at Boot Camp. Over the years, I've evolved into an expert through continuous training, booking numerous trips, from cruises to international adventures. The ongoing support from KHM has been invaluable, propelling me from a new advisor to the role of agency director. With their guidance, I've grown Starlight2Travel into a team of travel advisors who you'll meet in a moment! I'm excited to keep growing and exploring in this ever-evolving industry, appreciating the solid foundation KHM has provided along my journey as a travel advisor.

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Agency Director FAM 2023

Today, I am thrilled to announce a new chapter in our travel advisor journey. After achieving numerous milestones, I am excited to share that we are entering the agency program with two new fantastic team members: Jamie and Debbie. Their dedication and expertise are undeniable, and they are joining us this month to continue our mission of creating worldwide dream vacations.

Meet Our Team of Travel Advisors

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Kim Curlin

Agency Owner, ACC, Expert Travel Advisor

travel agent

Jamie Alesci

Travel Coordination Assistant

travel agent

Debbie Neuhofs

Cruise & Resort Travel Advisor


Look forward to more exciting updates from our team in 2024 on our social media pages and of course, our blog!

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Here's to the past four years and the many more adventures that lie ahead as a team!

Until next time, toodles!

Kim Curlin

Travel Advisor


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