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Jamie Alesci

Travel Coordination Assistant

Meet Jamie Alesci

Jamie Alesci is Starlight2Travel’s travel coordination assistant, and she is based in Mentor, Ohio! Jamie has an immense passion for travel, particularly when it involves cruises or vacations by the beach. She’s already LOYAL TO ROYAL which makes her an excellent fit at Starlight2Travel!  

Jamie brings a captivating energy to the S2T team, introducing innovative ideas to assist travelers in organizing and preparing for family trips, cruises, and romantic getaways. As a caring, honest, and exceptionally organized wife and mother of three, Jamie's ability to manage both her professional responsibilities and home life shines brightly. 

Jamie looks forward to helping S2T manage bookings, maintain communication with clients, and share valuable organizational tips for travel. Her personal mission is to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience with Starlight2Travel, allowing clients to relax and create cherished memories. 

Jamie's Personal Travel Gallery

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