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It's Alaska Cruising Season

The best and only time to sail Alaska is May through September. This is because once the glaciers start freezing, ships can't make it through! Alaska is absolutely beautiful, offering 360-degree views from your cruise ship and in-destination.

Starlight2Travel has several couples, families and one small group traveling to Alaska this season! Alaska is a beautiful, immersive, and adventurous vacation that a variety of people can enjoy. Kids love the specialty ships that sail here, like the ships with rock climbing walls, indoor pools, and racetracks. Adults love the specialty dining and haven spaces. There is definitely a cruise and itinerary for everyone available. It's S2T's specialty to pair the people with the ship and the route -- so don't worry about that at all when you book with us!

Alaska is considered a dream-list cruise and we are experts are creating all dream-worthy things!

Like all things in travel, Alaska cruising comes with many options. Those options typically start with how long you want to travel for, who's going and of course, the budget. The longer you have to travel, the more options. We guide you through every step of the way. Our carefully curated consultation meeting paired with our research skills always lands the best trip for our travelers.

For example, one of the options is which direction to sail in! The itinerary routes can travel northbound, southbound, or round-trip. Each direction is about a seven-day or longer cruise. Roundtrip itineraries are about twelve to thirteen days or longer.

Our ideal Alaska cruise is actually a cruise-tour, which allows you to stay in an Alaskan cabin resort for a few days prior to sailing and tour Alaska more. This gives you time to kick-start your trip with a helicopter trip or perhaps a snowmobile excursion to take on the glaciers. If you prefer to take a relaxed approach to your vacation, the towns offer the world's best crab legs, great spas, and shops of course natural views in every direction. Enjoying Alaska on an immersive level prior to disembarkation is ideal for most travelers.

Cruisetours are also available where you can explore after you sail! (See map example above)

We trust our top Alaska travel partners to provide excellent accommodation according to the S2T Star Traveler standards. You can shop our top preferred Alaska vacations by clicking here.

Alaska cruises always have at least two days at sea (beginning and end) as you're passing through the glacier walls. Most Alaskan cruise itineraries stop in Ketchikan, Juneau, Mt. McKinley and Skagway in Alaska. In ports like this, you'll have the chance to enjoy included activities like touring nature centers or taking a 4-hour trip on the train to get a better view of Mt. McKinley. Upgrading your excursions to do something private and fitting your travel style is always an option. After you book your cruise with us, we'll guide you to see the activity options at your ports.

Cruising with a passport is always the best idea. Alaska cruises often sail roundtrip from Seattle, but we always recommend cruising with a passport. It's never guaranteed that cruises can sail from that port and ships can get rerouted. And in the case of an emergency, you could need flown by plane back home, which a passport could be required to do in case you are on Canadian territory.

If you're traveling to Alaska soon, we have some travel tips for you! Here is our free Alaska destination guide. We also have great packing lists for Alaska.

Check out this awesome Royal Caribbean Cruisetour video to see a sneak peek:

If you're still wanting to squeeze in a week cruise to Alaska this year, there are some great deals available for the end of the summer. Or, to plan more in advance, 2023 still has availability. Please keep in mind, May can fill up the quickest! We have an awesome digital catalog for 2023 sailings with our preferred cruising partner, Royal Caribbean.

Starlight2Travel is always here to check out vacation options for you during your desired travel times. Let's get in touch to talk about your next trip soon!


Starlight2Travel, Inc. is a Cleveland-based online travel agency. We assist travelers from coast to coast. We specialize in cruises, romance, and family vacations! Our services provide incredible vacation experiences for couples, families, and groups. Please visit our website for travel information and inspiration. Our Star Traveler blog is also an amazing place to find travel tips and resources! Follow us for more travel information!

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