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Starlight Traveler Feature: Matt & Nicole

Our Starlight Travelers of the month are Matt & Nicole! Here's a bit about their vacation:

Vacation Rating:

Destination: Italy

Hotel: Several Hotel Stays including

Hotel 21, Hotel Russo 23, Hotel Residence, Rose Lux Gardens, Grand Hotel Vesuvio

Travel Time: May 2023

Special Occasion: Honeymoon

Room Category: Suites in all Locations!

You stayed in several hotels! How were the accommodations?

The accommodations in all of the locations that we stayed at felt unique and stylized to the current atmosphere. This provided a very cool experience of engaging with different city cultures. The hotel staff were extremely helpful and were able to guide us to local activities with ease. All of our hotels had amazing breakfast buffets with excellent service. The hotel pools were spacious, well kept, and absolutely delightful during an afternoon break or relaxing at night.

How were the dining experiences in Italy?

It is hard to go wrong with food in Italy and this trip was no exception. The winery in Tuscany was absolutely delicious! And the wine, yummm!

Did you participate in any activities throughout your trip? What were the highlights?

Where to even start! Italy is gorgeous and packed full of culture and history. Rome was absolutely incredible! The amount of history we learned, new fun facts we get to share with friends and family, and the memories we made will last a lifetime. The Vatican was breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Pompeii's sheer size and preservation took our breath away and felt like stepping almost 2000 years into the past. The Island of Capri is a gorgeous island with delightful shops and restaurants to explore. Amalfi was the vacation paradise we needed it to be including romantic strolls, learning about the local culture, and taking in the gorgeous views. Florence has perhaps one of the most unique vibes with its clear influence from the Renaissance and the brilliant minds and artists that lived and thrived there. The multiple medieval villages that we explored throughout Tuscany were captivating and felt like stepping back in time. We visited a winery in the heart of Tuscany that allowed us to learn an entire new appreciation of wine and the process behind wine making and tasting. And finally, but certainly not last, we took a delightful drive through the country side to visit a small rural town where we met with some not so distant cousins.

Did anything go wrong during your vacation?

No. The only thing that could described as "wrong" was a driver being 10 minutes late. So if that doesn't tell you how incredibly well everything was planned, I am not sure what will.

What was your most most unforgettable memory?

Every memory we have from our trip is unforgettable. From stumbling onto the place where Caesar was murdered, to breathtaking churches we happened into. The amount of experiences we had that are unforgettable is too many to list. We could spend the day listing each moment, and each interaction we had with tour guides and locals.

Special Notes:

Overall our experience with Starlight2Travel was fantastic! We knew we wanted to work with Kim after our initial consultation. She has excellent communication and this was something that we both required when looking for a travel agent to fit our needs. Every interaction with Kim was professional and fun! We felt very prepared for our trip before we left, having all of the travel documents prepared and sent to us in multiple formats. Kim was very quick to follow up on any concerns before and during our honeymoon.


Thanks for spending your honeymoons with us, Matt and Nicole! You are star travelers! It was a great honor to guide you on this once-in-a-life-time trip to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime love story. Cheers to you two!

To become a star traveler, request a vacation with us! Or if you've already traveled with us, you can submit your travel review here.

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