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Saving Money throughout your Disney Trip

saving money throughout disney trips

One of the proven ways to save money at WDW is to first book with an experienced travel agency! By reading this blog, you're already on the right track! YAY!

When it comes to the cost of a WDW travel experience, the major portion of your spending goes toward your park tickets and resort stay. How you choose to spend from here is totally up to you! If you don’t want to overspend on this vacation, Starlight2Travel has put together some money saving tips for our Disney travelers!

Tips About Saving Money Throughout your Disney Trip

Use Points for Airfare or Rentals

It might be time to cash in those airfare points for direct air. Check with your major credit cards for bonus travel points. Or maybe, you have access to a rental car deal with points or with your credit cards. It’s also a good idea to check with credit cards, banks and other possible memberships for points or discounts for perks.

Purchase Disney Gift Cards

You can use Disney Gift Cards for your final payment (the catch is you have to keep them until after you travel). You can purchase Disney Gift Cards at a discounted rate with a Target Red Card for 5% off. You can also purchase cards at a discounted rate at BJs or Costco. Or earn points at grocery stores. To make things easier for you, you can combine gift cards onto one (or a few) using the site

Get Free Water

Get free cold water from any quick service location in the parks that serve drinks. Just ask for a cup, no payment or purchase required! We recommend bringing in a clear re-fillable water bottle to go green!

Bring Your Own Autograph Book

Before your trip, it could be a lot of fun to design your own mini scrap book for characters to autograph. You can also purchase themed autograph books online!

Bring Your Own Souvenirs

This may sound a little unconventional, but bringing in your own stuffed animals is acceptable at WDW! There is no problem with buying your kids gifts and saving them for when they are asking to buy something in the park. Trust us – it's worth preparing for before the stores cost more.

Get Groceries Delivered to the Room

No matter where you’re staying, you can get groceries delivered to your hotel by services like GardenGrocer. It makes it easier to pack a sandwich or snacks that to eat out for every meal!

Bring Supplies for the Groceries

If you’re planning on taking us up on the grocery deliver option, bring along baggies (of a variety of sizes). Try to avoid needing a cooler (because the rules are tough)! Groceries on a budget requires a little creativity but its possible!

Skip the Party Tickets

If you’re doing Disney World on a budget, skip the add-on parties and do extra research to taking advantage of Disney World at the holidays or using techniques such as Rope Drop. Plan to creatively spend your time being in the park later and getting in line before close to avoid the wait.

Plan for Success

Take advantage of the transportation and park-hopping abilities. Get to the park early to save time and do your favorite things first. For lunch, head back to the room and take a breather. Go back out by dinner time and do a couple more must-see things. Eat dinner later or order a pizza! Preparing like this saves time and money.

By sticking to a plan and considering how to spend your time and money in advance, you’re able to take in the moment without breaking the bank. Doing Disney doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket! We hoped you learned some new tips about saving money throughout your Disney trip today!

Happy travels!

S2T Team


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