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Romance Is In The Air

February is the most romantic month of the year for a reason; it sees the most engagements out of every month. Who knows? It could even be your engagement month!

Even if it's too early to think engagement, a sweethearts' trip is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day, especially after a long hiatus of travel that you may have had. Or, maybe it's time to start planning your honeymoon and you're looking for some sparkling romance inspiration. What sets a honeymoon apart from a typical trip in your memories is how you spend your time with your special someone. As a newlywed, you know how important it is to make time for each other. And more specifically, how important time to let your relationship blossom is. During this trip, it's important to add an extra "little something" to transform your trip into a honeymoon. It may be a small act of love, or maybe it's doing something you've always dreamt of together. No matter the occasion for your desire to see a romantic flair on your next vacation, these tips apply so you can be swept off your feet for the happily ever after trip you've been dreaming about since you met your special someone. Here are some ideas to help fall in love with traveling together!

Stay a Day in Your Room

This isn't some punishment or superstition, although it may sound that way. Staying a day in your room is so relaxing after spending hours, days, and months planning a wedding. Stay off your feet. Don't get ready. Order room service or take out. Watch movies on demand. Enjoy your room. Sometimes, it's even fun to plan ahead for your "day-in" and bring cards, puzzles, or simple games (that can fit in your luggage) to play.

Consider Creative Meal Options

It may be time to spice up the typical dining room and instead choose a creative alternative. To do this, you can upgrade a meal to specialty dining. Some properties even offer guest chefs to visit your room or meet you at an onsite kitchen to prepare an exclusive 5-course meal. You can also choose to visit another nearby property or restaurant and get a private transfer to that location. There are plenty of dining options to dine far beyond your imagination.

Decorate Your Suite

There's so much to celebrate right now! Sometimes when planning, it's easy to forget the big cause for celebration. Celebratory décor always helps with that! Bring some decorations along on the trip with you. You may bring wedding-themed decorations. Or maybe you bring along romantic petals, bubble bath, and pre-order in-room beverages. Decorate while your partner is away or busy and surprise them with a cause for celebration. It's quite the thoughtful gesture to celebrate a recent milestone together---or even to pop the big question!

Plan Individual Activities

Call me crazy, but I am telling you to spend time apart on your honeymoon or vacation. It's great for you both - I promise! Wherever you are traveling to most likely has included or very-low cost activities that you can participate in. For example, non-motorized water sports, maybe exercise classes, facilities, etc. Upon check-in, they should review what's available to you. Choose a couple of things individually and go! It will help you miss each other and have something extra to talk about during your stay.

Book a Spa Day for Two

Spa services are a must for the ultimate relaxation and true luxuries for both people. The typical go-to are couples massages. Any massage at the spa is fabulous. Another great way to plan your visit would be to schedule individual sessions, selecting a massage paired with a scrub, wrap, or peel. Then meet back together in the hydrotherapy pool to talk about how incredible your session just was. Be sure to set aside extra time to relax after your appointment.

Have a Photoshoot

Taking pictures of your moments now will bring you happiness for years and years to come. Your destination most likely has available photographers that you can book a shoot with. Those services are awesome because they edit and print the photos on site. If you choose this option, be sure to schedule the session early in your trip to give the photographer time to process your shoot. You can also bring along a great camera taking pictures of each other or use a self-timer. Then, print these photos when you get home!

Consider a Destination Wedding Preview

Not only are these romance travel tips great for both honeymoons as well as regular sweetheart vacations, but they're also great to keep in mind for destination weddings as well! If you're considering jetting off for the big day, a great perk for engaged couples is the opportunity to take a preview trip. This trip will allow you to preview the venue, the suites you may consider booking, sample food options, and more. It's a great way to combine wedding planning with a much-needed, pre-wedding getaway. For more information on setting up one of these trips, or for information on planning a destination wedding in general, check out my resources here.

Romance is in the air, so seize the opportunity and enjoy each other's company in paradise! After all, you have forever together. Spend some of those moments in between in the luxury you know each other deserves.


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