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Introducing Annie!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Hello there, Star Travelers!

We have a special announcement to share with our clients, friends, family, and colleagues. A travel advisor-in-training has been added to the team at Starlight2Travel. We are pleased to introduce you to Annie Saunders!

Annie Saunders is Starlight2Travel’s travel coordination assistant; she brings an enthusiastic and fresh outlook to the Starlight2Travel team. Annie and Kim have known one another since they went to grade school at St. Mary Magdalene! The two reunited at their class reunion. They soon after decided to work together to teach Annie the details of the travel world and to make more travel magic happen at S2T.

With over twenty years of travel inspiration to draw from, Annie has extensive knowledge of Ireland, U.S., and theme park travel already. Some of her favorite travel memories include visiting her longtime friends in Ireland many times, taking all-encompassing trips to the Allegheny Mountains, and of course going to Disney! Annie previously worked as a preschool teacher for over half a decade, giving her a unique perspective on small children’s needs. She looks forward to bringing that knowledge to the travel industry to help plan family travel, especially those with younger children. Clients can look forward to Annie’s rapt attention to detail, excitement for the industry, and eagerness to always learn more.

Annie has already jumped into her role and is doing awesome! She’s been learning our travel booking process, helping with confirmations and invoicing, and taking on marketing work! Staying connected with you is a top priority for Starlight2Travel, and Annie plays a vital part in our communications to you. In the future, she hopes to master the booking travel process so she can one day take on bookings for clients on her own!

We are so excited to add Annie to our team! To keep up with S2T and all we are doing, please be sure to subscribe. By subscribing, you will get our newsletter, agency updates, and our travel blogs! You will also be seeing more of us on social media – Facebook and Instagram; on both platforms, we will be sharing more organic content. Taking care of every detail is what we're all about!

If you’re ready to travel like a star. we would love to arrange your travel plans for 2022, 2023, and beyond! We are accepting booking reservations for all-inclusive, cruise, honeymoon, Disney, and other vacation packages. Your travel dream awaits!

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