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Introducing a New Team Member, Sparkle

new starlight2travel team member

Starlight2Travel is excited to introduce our new team member! Her name is Sparkle and she'll be representing S2T as we travel around the world!!! Here's a little bit about Sparkle!

sparkle, s2t ambassador

Meet the New Team Member at Starlight2Travel

Job Title: Sparkle, the S2T Ambassador

Role: An enthusiastic and charismatic individual who's mission is to travel to destinations, promoting awareness of our travel agency, and showcasing the exceptional travel experiences that S2T offers. Sparkle is the shining face of S2T who captivates our travelers with her charm and illuminates the magic of each destination.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Travel and Exploration: Experience and document the highlights of various destinations S2T travels to!

  • Brand Promotion: Represent S2T at events sharing our mission and values.

  • Community Building: Share travel stories, tips and inspire travel dreams!

sparkle, s2t ambassador

Sparkle's Qualifications

When we met Sparkle, her shine was undeniable! She has a vibrant personality and is full of energy! She's a natural story teller. She loves adventure and is a great traveler.

What to Expect from Sparkle in the Future

Sparkle assumed her position at the beginning of 2024 and has already traveled on two cruises! She recently attended her first travel agent training with our host agency, KHM Travel Group. This summer she'll be traveling with S2T team member, Reporter Andrew, to Germany. She has a busy travel schedule toward the end of the year, too!

Follow along with Sparkle's travel adventures on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Starlight2Travel, Inc. is a Cleveland-based online travel agency. We assist travelers nationwide. We specialize in cruises, romance, and family vacations! Our services provide incredible vacation experiences at a variety of destinations for couples, families, and groups. Please visit our website for travel inspiration and to learn more about our team. Our Star Traveler blog is an amazing place to find travel tips and resources! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more travel information!

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