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Can Travel Agents Save You Money?

The answer is -- Maybe... but that's not why you should book with Starlight2Travel!

The thing is that travel agents aren't all about getting you the "great deals." Just because you get a discount doesn't mean you're going to have a great vacation. In fact, the discounted vacation may be more disappointing than opting for the vacation you really want. The truth is you can't see the value of a travel agent based on a discount.

Most travel agents start their career because they really love to travel. We spend months and years learning the ins-and-outs of what makes a really great vacation. We meet with travel partners through online meetings and in-person events to talk about travel updates. We share all the reasons we're incredibly passionate about travel.

And let's be honest, price has nothing to do with it. We're creating experiences for our clients that will hopefully earn us a five-star review. Discounted packages or timeshares don't earn five-star reviews. Check Travelocity on yelp.

As a travel agent, my value goes above and beyond to bring an amazing, thoughtful, and EASY-to-plan from my clients' perspectives. Here are just some of the benefits that are included with my vacation booking services:

  • We get to know our guests to understand their travel needs.

  • We're available by phone, email, online, by chat, and through our easy-to-use booking management forms.

  • We create personalized itinerary options based on vacation requests. *

  • We cross-reference the selected vacation packages across our travel suppliers to find the best rates and packages.

  • We manage the trip including watching for updates, schedule changes, and adding extras.

  • We wait for an exceptionally long hold time with travel partners when needed.

  • We work without pay until weeks after the travelers return home.

  • We standby during travel in case travel assistance is needed to help to the best of our abilities.

  • We participate in online classrooms and live events, that sometimes come at a cost, to learn about the most innovative information in our industry.

As a travel agent, I'm also a small business owner. My business invests with travel partners, like my host agency, travel industry leaders, and other online networks, to be a part of their groups. I also market my business, find community opportunities, balance our finances, and so much more!

Please do not misunderstand, I LOVE WHAT I DO. This is my business that I put my heart and soul into! It is not a deal-finding agency. We are a value-added agency that saves you time, cares about you, and has our guests' best interests in mind!

We might save you money, but I am sure we are going to do so much more than that for your trip.

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