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All About Kim: Meet the Star Behind S2T

Hello Star Travelers!

This year, we have some exciting changes and improvements coming soon to Starlight2Travel. In the spirit of new adjustments (and possibly some new faces!), I decided to kick off this month with a fun way to get to know more about your travel agent -- me! After all, no one wants a stranger behind the scenes of their valuable vacation plans.

Here are the ten most important things to know about all things Kim Curlin!

  1. I was born, bred, and now based in Ohio.

While I love to consider the whole world my home, my true home base is Northeast Ohio. I graduated from North High School in 1991, then Lakeland Community College in 1994. In Ohio, I love to attend the theatre downtown, country music concerts, and spend time with my family, who are truly where home is. There is so much to love about Ohio, but most of all, I love that there's no place like home!

2. I'm a newlywed!

If you have been following along my journey for some time, you'll remember the honeymoon special that was an email newsletter a few months ago. Our story is

I met my Prince Charming seven years ago, and on May 22 of 2021 (what would have been my parents' 50th anniversary), we said "I do" and it's been happily ever after ever since! John and I honeymooned in the beautiful Clearwater Beach, Universal Studios, and made a stop at Disney along the way, of course!

3. I love attending plays.

Other than traveling, one of my favorite hobbies is going to the theatre. I have seen over 34 plays live, and among those, some of my favorites are:

The Lion King

Beauty and the Beast


Phantom of the Opera


Mamma Mia!

4. I am an avid reader.

Another of my favorite hobbies is reading. I used to do monthly book recommendations (I might have to bring that back!), so I am full of suggestions for great beach reads. Not only can I get you to your getaway, I can tell you what to read once you get there. That brings me to my next fact, which is...

5. I am friends with New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors.

I am blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing family and friends in life. Some of these friends are renowned, bestselling authors in fact! I am more than happy to share some book recommendations from my amazingly talented friends for your next in-flight read.

Here I am with author and friend Samantha Chase.

6. Before becoming a travel specialist, I have worn many different hats.

I am so incredibly lucky to be doing what I love every single day, which is planning stunning vacations for clients who truly deserve a break! Before this chapter in life, I have had several job titles, such as: cashier, movie clerk, secretary assistant, and Progressive employee from a few different units. I still use all that experience in my professional life today when it comes to planning, interacting with clients, and paying close attention to detail.

7. I have no children.

I was an only child, and now John and I are our own family without any pets or kids. We get to enjoy each other's company each day and spend our vacations the adults-only way!

8. I have loved Disney all my life.

As you can tell from many of my favorite plays, I am a huge fan of all things Disney! The movies, the music, and the castle itself in Disneyworld, Florida are all so magical and I am a firm believer that we could all use a little sprinkle of magic in our lives. I was also proud to be a Mouse Made Simple Disney Travel Agent in the past, and I still have all the skills and know-how on planning the perfect Disney vacation.

9. Cruising is my favorite kind of vacation.

Next to Disney, I absolutely love the adventures cruising can take you on. Not to be picky, but my preference is Royal Caribbean. While I've had a great time on other cruise lines, that's the one for me. I am a fan of cruising because, along the way, I'm able to try more things than I could on a standard land-based resort vacation. Cruising allows you to explore many different ports, which means being able to experience the culture, food, and people of each of these unique destinations. Who wouldn't love more adventure with their vacation package?

10. I am a lover of the finer things.

If there's one thing to know about me as a traveler, it's that I appreciate the luxuries of decadent travel. I fly first or business class, I upgrade my suites, and I keep my eye out for the word "spa." If you're looking to take your next vacation to the next level, I'm the one to talk to when it comes to getting that luxurious experience you've always wanted.

And there you have it! Ten things to know about my career, my life, and who I am as a traveler. To get to know even more about me, you can find my "about me" bio right here. If you're interested in getting to know me even more personally, schedule a time to talk right here. There, we can get to know one another a little better and we can discuss what your future travel plans look like!

Thank you for spending some time getting to know me. I can't wait to meet you!

Until then, toodles! 💜

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