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10 Favorite Reasons to Cruise

Welcome back to the Travel like a Star blog! As a star traveler, you probably don't need extra encouragement to cruise. If you have sailed using our vacation booking services before, you should know all the benefits of cruising and booking with a travel agent. If you have NEVER booked with us or cruised, oh, you are in for quite the treat my friend.

Our travelers are always treated like family. We only create travel packages that we would take; we never make exceptions on our standards. Starlight2Travel takes care of travelers from the time they start considering to take the trip until the time they come and then some.

When we send our clients to cruise, we expect nothing less. We only work with cruise partners who have the same standards. We pride ourselves in our partnerships with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, and other top partners. Each cruise line offers different amenities including different staterooms, inclusions, restaurants, activities, and more!

Between everything that's different, one thing always remains the same... WE LOVE TO CRUISE. Every ship, every meal, every experience. We love it.

We're sharing our 10 favorite reasons to cruise because just saying "We love cruising" doesn't have enough impact. Here they are:

1. Easy to Plan

Many cruise lines allow you to bundle your entire trip including the cruise, ground transportation, flights, hotels, and excursions. This allows for a seamless vacations as each element of your trip is under the bigger umbrella of the cruise line. This is a huge plus whenever there is an unexpected travel delay.

2. Convenient Departure Ports

The idea of international travel is scary for some people and cruises smooth over this concern with convenient departure ports. If you prefer driving to a destination, you can easily drive to Baltimore or Cape Liberty, New Jersey to start your trip. If you are a direct flight traveller, numerous direct flights are available to Houston, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Los Angeles from Cleveland to start your trip.

3. An Ideal Getaway for the Whole Family

From toddlers to teens, grandparents and everyone in between, cruising guarantees a memorable vacation for everyone to get some “me time” and quality family time. On board, there are dedicated kids’ clubs and activities, teen hangouts and adults-only pools, and dinner can be a family affair or a romantic evening for two, while in port you can enjoy a range of shore excursions ideal for a diverse group.

4. Unpack Once

Cruising provides the ultimate advantage over other kinds of vacations—you only have to “arrive” and unpack once. When you enjoy this hassle-free way of seeing the world, you eliminate schlepping luggage—out of cars, between connecting flights, across cobblestone streets, and up several flights of stairs—from your itinerary (no weight requirements here).

5. You Can Explore with Local Experts

Shore excursions are reputable, reliable and among the best out there, no matter where you are in the world. The local guides leading the way give you access to authentic experiences that could be hard to find without insider connections, whether it’s learning to dogsled in Alaska from an Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race veteran or hiking through the rainforest into the dormant Mount Liamuiga volcano in St. Kitts.

6. You Don’t Have to Choose Between Adventure or Relaxation. Have both!

You’ll never feel as if you have to choose between the thrill of the wind whipping through your hair as you fly down a zip line or relaxing at the beach under the Caribbean sun. On a cruise, you can do it all, whether on board or at a port of call, thanks to equal parts adventure and relaxation.

7. Sustainable Vacation

You can vacation knowing that protecting the environment is their business. Royal Caribbean has committed decades to not only preserving the oceans and the wildlife that call them home but also the communities we visit, which includes offering 2,000 Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)-certified tours. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our sustainability efforts that span efficiencies on board our ships, partnerships with leaders like World Wildlife Fund and initiatives on every cruise and around the world.

8. Explore Multiple Destinations on One Trip

Cruises allow you to see multiple places on one trip giving you a sample of a certain area. A lot of families love to cruise to an area first and then based on their sampling, later come back to spend a full week at their favorite destinations.

9. Amazing Food

The cruise industry is known for amazing food. There are always plenty of choices to satisfy whatever you fancy. Service is also top-notch on most cruise lines and they handle allergies well.

10. Perfect for Any Type of Traveler

Are you a foodie, lover of culture and history, wellness warrior or addicted to adventure? A cruise can fit your style, no matter the itinerary. From global cuisine and cultural immersion to a chill spa day and exciting active adventures, there are endless opportunities to explore and indulge all your senses—making every moment and memory count.


That's enough day dreaming about my ideal vacation... now I must get back to making payments and sending out travel options! Always the travel planning and not enough of the traveling in my world!

If you're interested in planning a cruise for the fall or winter of 2022, it's important to get those reservations in. Availability is becoming limited industry-wide. We are also accepting reservations for 2023 into the following year. Travel is back!!!!

Until next time... toodles!


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