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What's Sargassum?

Have you ever heard of "Sargassum?" No, I'm not talking about sarcasm - the use of irony or twisted humor. I'm talking about seaweed that washes ashore while on vacation!

⛱ I'm often asked about SARGASSUM (a.k.a. "seaweed") in the Caribbean while helping clients plan vacations there. Vacationers want to know why it's there and what is being done about it. Here's the scoop! 🍦

Sargassum shows up on beaches from the US to Mexico, and truly, it sucks. It can happen anytime of the year, anywhere, but seems to be worse in the summer. It changes EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It even changes hourly! It changes from resort to resort and it changes up and down the coast of Mexico. No one can predict what it will be like tomorrow, never mind next week or next month.

One of the best parts of our favorite resorts is the extremely helpful and friendly staff. The majority of resorts have staff working tirelessly to battle this “gift” from Mother Nature. Most premium resorts have extra staffing to take care of the sargassum all day. But, sometimes, despite their best efforts, it’s just not possible to keep it away because it just comes right back.

People have tried to create innovative ways to block the seaweed. Some resorts have sargassum barriers in the ocean which sometimes do a great job at blocking it from coming ashore, but they do not offer the prettiest view.

As your trusted travel advisor, I will do my best to help you be aware of the beaches that could get hit with sargassum the worst. We track those based on yearly trends and ocean currents! But let's be realistic, sargassum doesn’t discriminate and can make any beach into a mess. That's why I will always recommend a resort that has fabulous swimming pools to compensate. 😉

Resort areas that tend to not be as affected are Costa/Playa Mujeres and the Cancun hotel zone, along with the islands of Isla Mujeres and Holbox.

Questions? Let me help you make the right choice for your Mexico Beach Vacation!!


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