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The Top 5 Gifts for the Traveling Mom in Your Life

Happy Mother's Day!

For some, this can be the toughest holiday of all to shop for. It can sometimes feel like there's nothing quite good enough for all the mothers, grandmothers, and wives out there. That's why you just gotta love travelers! There's always something out there that can improve packing, organization, and comfort during our travels.

This specially curated list was designed with traveling moms of all kinds in mind, so no matter how or where the maternal figure in your life likes to travel, chances are, there's something on here she'd be delighted to travel with next!

A Luxurius Travel Wrap for the Cozy Mom

If you ask me, a good wrap is a traveling essential. It's thin enough to be folded and put away in a carry-on or travel bag, it can be slipped on or off for chilly flights, it can be folded up into a pillow, and it's fashionable enough to be worn all vacation long. Why bother with bulky coats and padded sweaters that only take up room when this works just as well? This pretty, open-front shawl comes in 38 style options and is made with high-quality materials---no polyester for Mom here! The one-size-fits-most fit is 48x48 inches, which is a good size to fit many and makes it perfectly slouchy and cozy for petite moms.

Check out all your design and color options here.

Sturdy Slip-on Sneakers for the Adventurous Mom

If there's one thing we ladies know about, it's how hard packing is! From dresses to skirts to pants to tops to makeup to hair tools---it can be a lot! Help Mom cut back on space as much as possible by removing her go-to pair of sneakers from the bag and putting them on her feet for travel! Of course, most people prefer to go through security in sandals for easy removal. However, a slip-on pair of sneakers is just as easy, and the right pair is sturdy enough to hold up while walking through ports, cities, tours, and more. This pair of Sperry sneakers is affordable, comfortable, and arch-supporting. Plus, they come in six neutral colors; perfect for matching any outfit. They slip on and off for easy airport removal, too, making them Mom's new travel sneaker for life!

Check out six colors and a multitude of sizes here.

A Fun Tech Organizer for the Organized Mom

Between phones, tablets, headphones, laptops, gaming devices, and reading devices, we have lots of charge-ables that all have their own cords to keep track of. Avoid next vacation's knotted-up ball of chargers at the bottom of Mom's carry-on with this sleek tech case. This organi

zer keeps chargers, earbuds, and other cords safely folded in their own compartments, protected by a hard outer casing. This case comes in four different colors, perfect for adding a little flair of personality to the carry-on luggage set.

Check it out here.

A Kindle for the Bookish Mom

If your mom is a voracious reader and does not yet have a Kindle for travel, this is the gift. These wonderful little devices are waterproof, can last weeks on just one battery charge, hold up to 32 GB of storage for books, magazines, and audiobooks, and are light-adjusted so she can read anywhere, any time. Thin and light, they slip easily into carry-ons, purses, bookbags, and beach bags. Give your mom the gift of an unlimited library of books, right at her fingertips.

Get yours in one of four colors here.

Joywant Sun Visor for the Beachy Mom

Foldable and packable, this open-top sun visor is perfect for the beachy mom in your life! It fits into beach bags, carry-ons, suitcases, and anywhere else this rollable hat can be stuck. It comes available in four colors to suit every wardrobe. Plus, it offers four inches of UV protection. The open top also allows for pulling hair off the neck and up into a ponytail or beachy bun.

Get one for mom here.


Of course, giving the gift of travel is still the best gift of all! To chat about arranging a surprise getaway, get in touch with me here.

Until then, to all the mothers, grandmothers, and other maternal figures, have a very special and pampered Mother's Day!


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