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Starlight Traveler Feature: Oddo Family

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Our Starlight Travelers of the month is the Oddo family! Here's a bit about their vacation:

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Vacation Rating:

Destination: Iceland

Resort: Reykjavík Grand and Vik Katla

Travel Time: December 2023

Room Category: Doubles and Triples

Let's start with the resort accommodations! How was everything?

Grand had a nice restaurant and fitness room. Katla had an outdoor sauna and geothermal hot tub. Had a slight booking hiccup at the Grand but Kim jumped on the problem!

How was the dining and beverage experience?

Pretty standard, all the food and drinks were great. Vik Katla was great! Each hotel provided breakfast which was huge with big eating 4 boys all in their 20s. Authentic traditional Icelandic cuisine is interesting and the fermented shark and fish can be a lot on an American palette, but it was great to try.

Iceland is well-known for the adventurous activities you can do! Which activities did your family participate in?

Yes! [We did] the Golden circle and Glacier hike. Self drove and saw many amazing waterfalls. [We] went to the art museum. natural history museum, and science where we learned sooooo much about Iceland, the food, and the people! Loved exploring the capital city Reykjavík.

Did anything go wrong during your trip?

There was the small room booking incident and one son was ill for an excursion, but Kim jumped on the problem in real time with 5 hours time difference to assist.

And there was a volcanic eruption the day we arrived, but all was well. Here was the news story on the eruption which Kim had followed to make sure we were ok! Below are some photos where you can see the glowing hot lava and smoke.

What was your most unforgettable vacation memory?

The Glacier Hike with my sons. And for sure experiencing an active live volcano eruption during our flight landing. It was exciting, stressful and amazing all at once. A once in a lifetime opportunity! Loved it.

Special Notes:

We were going to self book our trip but I'm so glad we used Kim and Jamie! Trip was insured, which offered peace of mind and Kim provided many options for accommodations. Her and Jamie were available 24/7 for us as well and helped iron out the few small wrinkles we had on our trip. Go to Iceland!!!!!


Thank you for choosing to share your adventurous vacation with us, Oddo family! We're so happy you had a stellar, once in a lifetime experience, and we're even happier the volcanic eruption was exciting but didn't impact your trip! (We were slightly freaking out here while it was happening!) Here's to more family adventures!

To become a star traveler, request a vacation with us! Or if you've already traveled with us, you can submit your travel review here.

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