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Starlight Traveler Feature: Madi & Caleb

Our Starlight Travelers of the month are Madi & Caleb! Here's a bit about their vacation:

Vacation Rating:

Destination: Clearwater, Florida

Hotel: Wyndham Grand

Travel Time: November 2022

Special Occasion: Honeymoon

Room Category: King with a Gulf View

Notes from our guests: The Wyndham Grand was absolutely beautiful as well as Clearwater as a whole. Such a relaxing week for us both!

How would you describe the dining options during your vacation? Dining was expensive but to be expected near the ocean and a touristy place! Food was still excellent!

Did you participate in any activities or excursions?

Dolphin Excursion with tropic boat tour - super cool!!!

Did anything go wrong during your vacation?

We had a delayed (by 12 hours) flight on our way home but Kim made sure to get us where we needed to go with quickness

What was your most most unforgettable memory?

Spending a week with my new husband just the two of us!

Special Notes:

We had an amazing vacation set up by Kim and the fact we didn’t have to plan anything after just planning a wedding was a HUGE stress reliever. Out of Kim’s control we got stuck in the Charlotte Aiport but Kim assured me, talked me off a ledge and figured it out for us. I can’t say how much anxiety was relieved having Kim by our side!


Thanks for spending your honeymoons with us, Madi and Caleb! You are star travelers! It was a great honor taking care of an armed forces veteran and an overall awesome couple. Cheers to your lifelong love.

To become a star traveler, request a vacation with us! Or if you've already traveled with us, you can submit your travel review here.

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