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5 Reasons City Vacations Deserve More Love

Welcome back, travelers!

Vacations--we love them and it seems like it's always time for the next one. But, confession time, beach vacations can get a little boring. Even for me. Disney vacations are great because there's always something to do! So when we do the beach, it can sometimes feel lackluster compared to that. Don't get me wrong, we always find something to do and relaxation is very much needed when it comes to vacation.

However, when you're looking for something different, city vacations often go overlooked. Beaches, mountains, and theme parks are all exciting and wonderful. But maybe it's time to shake things up! Here are five things I love about city vacations that I hope will inspire you to try one out for a weekend getaway!

  1. Outdoor Activities Are Surprisingly Plentiful

My outdoorsy folks might be shaking their heads at this post. And I don't blame them! Nobody thinks city = outside activities. After all, they're called concrete jungles for a reason. However, for you lovers of fresh air, I have great news. There are tons of things to consider when looking for outdoor city ideas. Many big cities have been going green, which means scooter and bike rentals can usually be found along sidewalks. They are super convenient, too. You pay as you grab one, then drop it off at any of the many locations around the city. Easy peasy! As an added bonus, you'll save money on taxis.

Along your bike route, consider stopping off at a nearby park. New York City's Central Park is world-famous for a reason. It's gigantic, with tons of things to do within it. Younger travelers with you will love the playgrounds and stops for ice cream. City tours on foot or by bus are more great ways to soak in the fresh air. At night, consider taking a ghost walk for a spooky new perspective on both the history and the chills of your new destination.

2. Other Attractions Are Even More Plentiful

There are tons of things to fill your time outside. But when you look indoors, there are even more. Cities come brimming with museums, zoos, aquariums, escape rooms, and more! For example, Washington DC alone has over 70 museums to experience. Chicago follows closely behind with 67 unique options. From art and natural history to botanical gardens and fun options, there are weeks' worth of attractions to explore. When traveling with little ones, this keeps them occupied and wears them out. Especially if you're comfortable dropping them off with a children's tour group when you arrive.

3. Enjoy Some of the Best Food in the World

When it comes to culinary delights in the U.S., the best of the best make their homes in big cities. NYC counts a whopping 68 Michelin-star restaurants among its ranks. Chicago and Los Angeles are both home to 24, and D.C. hosts 20.

While these fine dining escapes can sometimes be a bit pricey, they are more than worth it if you're planning a romantic couples trip. These renowned restaurants are just the tip of the iceberg. Keep digging and you'll discover incredible eateries, like Dooky Chase's in New Orleans, or any authentic pizza restaurant in Chicago (or New York if you prefer thin crust over deep dish). Plus, let's not forget the incredible cafes, bars, and lounges you can find along the way.

Pro tip: Always interact with the people around you! I love to chat with servers, bartenders, and other city natives. They know better than anyone where to go for the best, most authentic eats. Plus, as an added bonus, they'll be happy to know someone is eager to experience their beautiful city the local way, not the tourist way.

4. Cities Are Easy to Navigate

Though this one doesn't sound like it may be the case, it absolutely is! If your next stop isn't walkable, hop on the train, a taxi, or one of those city bikes (see #1). Luckily, most attractions are within walking distance, and when you plug in directions to your phone, just follow along with your phone's GPS. If you do end up getting turned around, cities are always bustling. Ask for help when you see a friendly face. Before walking around an unfamiliar area, however, do be sure to always be aware of your surroundings. When you stop at a local cafe for breakfast, it might be a good idea to check your route with your city-native server and get their perspective on what parts of town they wouldn't recommend you pass through.

Pro tip: Check out your destination's website. Many will offer walking directions, which should take you a tried and true (and safe!) way through the city.

5. The Sky is the Limit

All of this is to say you can truly make your vacation any way you want it to be. Are you looking to live it up in luxury? Fly first class and stay at the luxe Peninsula New York, located right downtown. Treat yourself to a spa day, enjoy shopping at Times Square, and top it off with takeout dessert from Max Brenner New York. Are you more of a cinephile? Stay at the Hotel Bel-Air, which has been hosting Hollywood's biggest stars since 1946. Take a tour along Sunset Boulevard, check out Warner Brothers Studios, and hunt down some of film history's most iconic sites located in Los Angeles. No matter what your hobbies are or what kind of traveler you are, Starlight2Travel can arrange for you the city trip of your dreams!

If you've exclusively been a cruise traveler, a beach bum, a camper, or any other vacationer, I encourage you to make 2022 the year of new adventures! Consider giving a city vacation a try. You never know what you might discover. When you're ready to look into exploring a concrete jungle, connect by clicking here.

Until then, toodles!

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