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Things to Do in Jamaica

Welcome back to the Star Traveler Travel Blog! One of our favorite Caribbean destinations for couples, families and groups is Jamaica. When you travel to Jamaica, the most ideal situation is to stay at an all-inclusive resort, selected for you by a travel professional who knows you very well (Starlight2Travel, of course!). We'll create the perfect day-to-day itinerary to include time for relaxing and time for exploring!

Jamaica is the perfect destination for both! Relaxing and exploring is exactly what travelers have in mind when visiting this destination. But where should we be relaxing? Where is the most relaxing spot on the island? And what about for exploring? Where should we explore? How do we get there? What will make the most of our time?

Don' worry! That's why you trust a travel agent to plan your trip! The Starlight2Travel team goes above and beyond to help you plan a vacation that combines relaxation with exploration in Jamaica. And we will share all the details and every question you may have!

In the meantime, we want to share the highlights of things to do in Jamaica! We hope that by exploring the activities and hotspots, you will envision yourself heading on your next vacation to Jamaica soon!



Jamaica is best experienced through your senses and our cultural experiences let you do just this. Taste homegrown spirits at the Appleton Rum Experience and Hampden Rum Estate. Inhale aromas sizzling on Scotchies’ pimento wood fire. Feel pulsing vibrations of reggae and dancehall blaring through sound systems. Immerse yourself in the Rastafarian way of life. There’s no one way to experience paradise.


Looking to explore nature? We have postcard-perfect beaches brushed by the azure Caribbean Sea but encourage you to experience the island’s vibrations in other ways too.

The world-famous Dunn's River Falls and Park allows you to refresh under flowing cascades, plus take on the challenge of climbing to its peak. You can also elevate to the Blue Mountains, Jamaica’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to many indigenous life forms, for a stroll along the trails of Holywell Recreational Park and the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Parks. Or perhaps a bicycle tour ride through the terrain is what’s in order to reveal scents, sounds, and sights you can only experience here.


If you’re seeking a rush of adrenaline, feel the wind on your face while gliding on Mystic Mountain’s rainforest zip lines and bobsled. Similarly, exploration of the expansive Cockpit Country and Green Grotto Caves will surely inspire awe and curiosity. Want more? Get up close and personal with crocodiles in their natural habitat at Black River Safari.


River Romance. Few experiences are more tranquil than a leisurely bamboo raft ride on the Martha Brae River, or deciphering where the blue sky kisses the sea at the historic Lovers’ Leap cliff site. It’s no wonder Jamaica is a favorite destination for couples looking to take their relationship to a higher level.

Family Fun

A hassle-free getaway at an all-inclusive resort is a popular option for families in Jamaica. Bottomless meals seared with island spices and numerous activities packaged in one place—plus quick access to off-site attractions—leaves you free of worry so you can completely enjoy island life and get out there for memorable experiences as a family.

Community Tourism

For a truly authentic Jamaican experience, interact with our everyday locals through community tourism. Our people are happy to share warm smiles as well as treasures of our home with you. Explore the countryside terrain on ATVs with Rastasafari Negril Experience and visit the cozy chic community of Treasure Beach, just some of the many ways to get hands on the island’s heritage.


Jamaica is calling you! The glow of the golden sun warming your face, the sway of trees as gentle breezes caresses the green landscapes, the calming whisper of water waves... Jamaica can't wait to welcome you! To start planning your next trip to Jamaica, let's get in touch! Winter and spring are right around the corner!


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